D-Wrex/Derek Zimmerman :  Artistic commando-for-hire. Turn off’s : Cyborg ninjas, poison arrows and fascist shape-shifting lizard men from hollow earth. Turn on’s: Nunchucks, cheep beer, quantum mechanics, Sasquatch and a sense of humor.

A Los Angeles based freelance Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator His design work spans movie & music promotion, clothing design, advertisements, custom logos and branding, and more

If you have any questions, suggestions, gripes, complaints or would like to contact me about work please e-mail me at d.wrex@hotmail.com

“I don’t think outside the box because thinking outside the box is overrated and boring. Instead I think inside the box, in fact I think so far inside the box that the box collapses in on itself and forms a super massive black hole of creativity that sucks in and spews out enormous amounts of artistic Hawking Radiation.”




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