D-Wrex/Derek Zimmerman :  Artistic commando-for-hire. Turn off’s : Cyborg ninjas, poison arrows and fascist shape-shifting lizard men from hollow earth. Turn on’s: Nunchucks, cheep beer, quantum mechanics, Sasquatch and a sense of humor.

A Los Angeles based freelance Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator His design work spans movie & music promotion, clothing design, advertisements, custom logos and branding, and more.


Poster Design, Vinyl Design, Logo Design, Apparel Design, Branding, Illustration


If you have any questions, suggestions, gripes, complaints or would like to contact me about work please e-mail me at d.wrex@hotmail.com

“I don’t think outside the box because thinking outside the box is overrated and boring. Instead I think inside the box, in fact I think so far inside the box that the box collapses in on itself and forms a super massive black hole of creativity that sucks in and spews out enormous amounts of artistic Hawking Radiation.”



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